Asian Society of Toxicology (ASIATOX) was founded on June 8, 1994, and joined the IUTOX (International Union of Toxicology) membership in 1995. ASIATOX is one of the regional member societies of IUTOX including European Society of Toxicology (EUROTOX) and Latin American Society of Toxicology(ALATOX).

ASIATOX consists of 8 affiliated member societies and over some 3000 toxicologists from industry, academia and regulatory institutes as members in Asian region.

Member Societies:
The Japanese Society of Toxicology
Iranian Society of Toxicology
Korean Society of Toxicology
Chinese Society of Toxicology
Toxicology Society of Taiwan
Thai Society of Toxicology
Toxicology Society(Singapore) TSS
Malaysian Society of Toxicology
General Objectives of ASIATOX
  • to serve as the scientific voice of toxicology in Asia under an umbrella of IUTOX.
  • to address leadership as a scientific organization based on a state-of-the art knowledge in toxicological sciences.
  • to pursue capacity building in toxicology in Asia to contribute to the enhancement of toxicology education and the career development of young toxicologists.
Recognizing the value of a multi-national, ASIATOX will work toward the following objectives:
  1. Provide the platform and leadership to promote scientific cooperation and exchange in toxicology in Asia.
  2. Organize with member societies, triennial international congress (i.e., International Congress of ASIATOX) to facilitate and encourage scientific exchange and leadership.
  3. Enhance opportunities for educational development and exchange in toxicology.
  4. Facilitate platforms for discussion among regulators, academics, stakeholders, private sector and public at large regarding toxicological issues.
  5. Encourage diversity of toxicological disciplines, and increase the number of member societies in a region.
  6. Improve dialogue with member societies and other toxicology societies worldwide.

By-Laws of ASIATOX

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