By-Laws of ASIATOX

  • Adopted on June 8, 1994
  • Revised on June 29, 1997
  • Revised on February 3, 2004
  • Revised on September 12, 2009
  • Revised on September 5, 2012
  • Revised on June 18, 2018

The name of the organization shall be the “The Asian Society of Toxicology”. The official abbreviation of this name shall be “ASIATOX”.

2.1 Purpose

The purpose of the Society shall be to foster scientific co-operation among Asian countries and promote progress in toxicological sciences in the region, in particular by sponsoring “The International Congress of ASIATOX”.

2.2 Status

ASIATOX shall be one of the Member Societies of IUTOX.

3.1 Members

ASIATOX recognizes four member categories: Member Society; Associate Member Society; Individual Members and Honorary Members.

3.2 Member Society

Any toxicology society in the Asian and Pan-Pacific regions shall be eligible to become a Member Society of ASIATOX.

3.3 Individual Member

All scientists interested in toxicology shall be eligible for Individual Membership.

3.4 Associate Member Society

Any toxicology society in the world may become an Associate Member Society of ASIATOX.

3.5 Honorary Member

Any individual whose achievements merit consideration for Honorary membership in the ASIATOX may become an Honorary member of ASIATOX.
Candidates for Honorary membership are nominated by two ASIATOX Member societies. Election of Honorary members shall be by a two-thirds majority vote of council. Honorary members have no voting rights

3.6 Rights

Member Society and Individual Member group shall have the right to participate in the scientific and business affairs of ASIATOX, and to receive notice of, and send delegates to attend and vote at the Council Assembly as stated in By-Law 4.4. 
Associate Member Society shall have the right to participate in the scientific and business affairs of ASIATOX.

3.7 Application

Application for membership shall be sent to the Secretary-General of ASIATOX no later than three months before the Council Assembly at which it is to be considered.  The application is subject to review by the Membership Committee as stated in By-Law 6-1 and a decision will be made at the Council Assembly.

3.8 Expulsion

Any Member Society or Individual Member shall be subject to expulsion from ASIATOX by a resolution at the Council Assembly when the annual dues have not been paid for more than three years.

4.1 Councilors

The Council shall consist of persons hereafter called Councilors, which shall be appointed by the Member Societies and elected from among the Individual Members group in accordance with provisions of By-Law 4.2.

4.2 Number

The number of Councilors appointed to the Council by the Member Societies, and from among the Individual Members group shall be determined at the Council Assembly.

4.3 Term

Councilors shall serve for a two-year term and be eligible to serve for more than one term.

4.4 Meeting

International Congress of ASIATOX
ASIATOX organizes the International Congress on Toxicology in Asia (ASIATOX Congress) every two years, offering the opportunity to learn the latest developments in toxicological science and regulation through general scientific sessions.

The Council shall meet concurrently with each International Congress of ASIATOX and on other occasions as decided by the Council.  Such meeting shall be called a “Council Assembly”.  Each Associate Member Society may send one Observer to attend the Council Assembly.  In special circumstances, the President may summon an extra-ordinary Council Assembly at any other time. This extraordinary Council Assembly can be carried out by mail communication.  The President is obliged to summon such a meeting upon receipt of written request by at least one-third of the Councilors.

5.1 Constitution

The Executive Committee shall consist of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Past-President (i.e., the immediately preceding President), a Secretary-General, Treasurer, Auditors, and Subcommittee Chairpersons.  The members of the Executive Committee other than the Subcommittee Chairpersons shall be elected by the Councilors from among the Council membership at a Council Assembly.  The Subcommittee Chairperson shall be nominated by the President as stated in By-Law 5.4.

5.2 Term

Executive Committee members shall serve a two-year term.  All members may serve for two consecutive terms, except for the President, who may serve in that position only one term.  A President may serve his/her single term immediately following two consecutive terms of service in any other position on the Executive Committee.  Members who have finished their allowable terms of service are eligible for re-election after an absence of one or more terms.

5.3 Vacancies

If a member of the Executive Committee resigns his/her office, or is absent from his/her office without reasonable excuse for one year, or is suspended or expelled from ASIATOX, the Executive Committee shall declare his/her office vacated, and may appoint a successor in his/her place to hold office until the next Council Assembly.

5.4 Subcommittees

If the President finds it appropriate and if the Executive Committee agrees, the President may establish a subcommittee to be assigned specific activities and nominate a Councilor as chairperson of such subcommittee.

6.1 Constitution

The Membership Committee shall consist of four councilors and the President-Elect, who will act as chairperson. One of the Vice Presidents assigned by the President may act as chairperson for such period as the office of the President-Elect is vacant.

6.2 Term

Membership Committee members shall serve a two-year term conterminously with their term as Executive Committee members.  All members may serve for two consecutive terms.

6.3 Function

The Membership Committee is responsible for reviewing application for membership and recommending the results to Executive Committee.

7.1 Levy

Dues may be levied on all Member Societies, Associate Member Societies, and Individual Members to meet the financial responsibilities of ASIATOX. The amount due shall be determined at the Council Assembly.

7.2 Fiscal period

The financial year shall be conterminous with the calendar year.  Annual dues shall be paid to the Treasurer no later than June 30th of each year.

8.1 Number and Term

Two Auditors shall be elected from among the ASIATOX Members.  The Auditors shall serve a three-year term conterminously with their term as Executive Committee members and may serve for two consecutive terms.

8.2 Task

The Auditors will audit the treasury and report their findings to the Council Assembly at its meetings.

9.1 Number and Term

Maximal of three Advisors may be appointed by the President as necessary.  The Advisors shall serve a term conterminously with the President.

9.2 Task

The Advisors will provide technical assistance to the President; The Advisors, upon invitation of the President, may attend the Council Assembly and/or Executive Committee Meeting, without voting capacity.


The Council Assembly may decide to appoint an ASIATOX Secretariat Office to carry out the business of the society of ASIATOX.


By-Law Amendments shall be made by the Council.  Amendments may be considered only at the Council Assembly. Proposed amendments must be sent to the Secretary-General no later than six months before the Council Assembly at which they are to be considered.  The Secretary-General shall send the proposed amendments to all Member Societies and Individual Members at least two months before the Council Assembly.  At the Council Assembly, two-thirds of the attendees must cast supporting votes to amend the By-Laws.

Number of Councilors and Membership fee agreed at the 1994 Council Assembly on June 8, 1994.

Rank A B C D E F
Members More than 800 600-799 400-599 200-399 50-199 Less than 50
No. of Councilors 5 5 4 3 2 1
Amount dues (US$) 2,800 2,100 1,400 800 300 200
*Category F was added and approved by the General Assembly held on September 12, 2009.

Note 1:
This standard will be applied to the Associate Member Societies as well as the Member Societies according to the above By-Laws.
Note 2:
The following addition was agreed at the 1997 Council Assembly on June 29, 1997.
“ The above standard will also be applied to the number of councilors from the Individual Members, but with 1 Councilor of less than 50 members. The dues of the Individual Members are US$ 30.00 per person for a three-year term.
Note 3:
A fixed rate of US$ 150 for each Associate Member Society.

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